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Ready, Set, Growth.

A podcast for teachers

There is no greater honor than to pass knowledge, skills and confidence on to future generations.

Join me as we share in the conversation about moving our practice forward and building our kids up, to be everything we know they can be.

“Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving.”




Nick is a graduate of the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education.

In his thirteenth year of teaching, Nick works as a math specialist with a focus on mathematical interventions. 

He is passionate about the design process and re-imagining how we create engagement and build confidence in students every day.

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"Leadership and Language"

In this episode Nick sits down with David Marquet a former US Navy officer who commanded the USS Santa Fe, a nuclear submarine and literally turned the ship around.


Captain Marquet began treating his crew as leaders, not followers, and giving control, not taking control. It wasn’t long before operations took a dramatic turn. Santa Fe went from “worst to first."


Nick and David discuss the language of leadership and words we do and do not use with the people we work with.


 "Avoiding The Traps of Remote Teaching"

Distance learning has been challenging in so many ways, but by identifying and learning how to avoid the traps of remote teaching you can help grow your practice. Listen as Nick sits down with Dr. Rebecca Winthrop of the Brookings Institute about the five traps to watch for during remote teaching. 


Dr. Rebecca Winthrop is a senior fellow and director of the Center for Universal Education at The Brookings Institution.




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